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"It Had To Happen: Memoirs From A Foster Child," tells the harrowing story of Tameena, a
teenage girl who endures a traumatic journey through the foster care system after being taken
away from her abusive biological family. After experiencing physical abuse at the hands of her
mother and being separated from her beloved sisters “Lyfe, Sophia, and Sephora,” Tameena is
placed in a foster home where she finally finds safety and begins to develop a genuine bond
with her new family.

However, her fragile sense of security is shattered when she becomes a victim of sexual abuse
by her foster uncle, P. Terrified of losing her newfound family and desperate to protect them,
Tameena keeps the abuse a dark secret for years, enduring unimaginable pain and anguish in
silence. Throughout her suffering, she turns to her newly found faith in God as a source of
solace and strength, but the weight of her traumatic experiences becomes increasingly difficult
to bear.


While journaling becomes her sanctuary, a private refuge where she can release her pent-up
emotions, Tameena finally reaches a breaking point. Overwhelmed by her secrets and suffering,
she decides to confide in her social worker, who takes immediate action to protect her.
Tameena is placed in a new foster home, hoping for a fresh start and a chance at a brighter
future. As the legal process unfolds, Tameena finds the strength to testify against Uncle P in
court, facing the very family she had once believed to be her refuge. Through these distressing
times, to cope with her emotional turmoil, Tameena turns to unhealthy habits, including
smoking, alcohol consumption, and burying herself in work and church activities. However,
despite her attempts to mask her pain, the scars from her abuse continue to haunt her.

Unfortunately, her journey through the foster care system becomes a cycle of repeated abuse,
as she falls victim to different men in subsequent placements. The vicious cycle leaves her
feeling hopeless and abandoned. Eventually, Tameena takes matters into her own hands and
emancipates herself from the foster care system before starting college.


It Had To Happen: Memoirs From A Foster Child- Abandoned Book Two". It Had Had To Happen" is a heartbreaking and powerful exploration of a young girl's resilience,
highlighting the indomitable spirit that drives her to survive despite unimaginable
circumstances. It sheds light on the failings of a system meant to protect vulnerable children
and emphasizes the importance of providing safe environments and support for survivors of
abuse. Tameena's story ultimately serves as a call to action to address the systemic issues
within the foster care system and to advocate for the healing and empowerment of survivors.

It Had To Happen | Memoirs From A Foster Child: Abandoned Book 2

Expected to ship by the end of March 2024!
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